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Crypto-Fascism is a movement for the people. 
It is an apolitical movement that reverses Karl Marx’s claim that “everything is politics”. It is a burgeoning faction of apolitical and secular-minded individuals who wish to research and revise the contentious and controversial symbols that fascinate them. It is the foremost objective of Crypto-Fascism to reclaim the maligned symbols of history and exorcise them from the bonds of denigration. Crypto-Fascism as a rule does not tolerate racism, prejudice or dogmatism in any way and does not rely on elitism nor does it lean upon the sanitized position of higher moral ground when addressing the principles of the movement it supports.

Crypto-Fascism is a tool for the people. 
It is a movement that attempts to awaken and inform the populace by examining fascism as a historical phenomenon and to warn against the spectre of fascism in our contemporary time. It is a movement that seeks to validate the art we enjoy and fight against the vilification of that art by the ignorant. It is a movement that promotes an open dialogue by utilizing the shocking and divisive symbols, names and styles that normally elicit fear and hatred. Shock is a means of igniting pertinent discussion, while education and reclamation of history is our ultimate goal. Crypto-Fascism as a movement is as beautiful or ugly as the beholder - it reflects and demands reflection.

Crypto-Fascism is not fascism. 
The objective of the group is one that is executed devoid of any political subscription. Crypto-Fascism recognizes no specific political philosophy but supports freedom of speech and artistic expression. As a movement, Crypto-Fascism is the coalescing of the reputable and repugnant sides of human nature, birthing forth something that is aesthetically pleasing, leaving the unprepared to wonder or draw conclusions, which often results in discussion on significant issues. It is a movement that feasts upon all shades of grey, distancing itself from the fixed and interchangeable tendencies of the black and white. Crypto-Fascism is all about the aesthetic principle, the au courant, and the image. 

Crypto-Fascism does not hate. 
It is a movement that supports introspection, examination, education, and not degeneration. It is a social evolution that forces the beholder to reflect on their outlook, and to rethink the varying positions of others. It is a social community that accepts individuals from all creed, country and ethnic backgrounds. Crypto-Fascism is a movement and ideal that promotes discussion that does not shy away from the hard questions. It looks for answers where answers are not easy and where the most treaded paths often lead to dead-end’s. Crypto-Fascism turns left into right, right into wrong, and leads wrong to what was left.


Kripto-fasizam je pokret za narod

To je apoliticki pokret koji vrsi zamenu teza u Marksovoj tvrdnji da je – Sve politika- 
To je cvetajuca grupa apoliticki i sekularno orjentiranih individua koje zele da istraze i obrade ozloglasene i kontraverzne simbole koji ih fasciniraju. Najvazniji cilj Kripto-fasista je da takve simbole iz savremene istorije oslobodi lanaca omrazenosti.
Kripto-fasizam po pravilu ne tolerise rasizam, predrasude niti dogmatizam u bilo kom obliku, ne oslanja se na elitizam, niti se poziva na vise moralno pravo po pitanju principa koje kao grupa podrzava.

Kripto-fasizam je alat za narod

To je pokret koji pokusava da probudi i informise populaciju ispitivanjem fasizma kao istorijskog fenomena, i da upozori na spektar fasistickih ideja u nase savremeno doba. To je pokret ciji je cilj da pruzi validnost umetnosti u kojoj svi nalazimo zadovoljstvo, i istovremeno da se bori protiv pridavanja negativnih atributa istim od strane neupucenih. To je pokret koji promovise otvoreni dijalog u vezi sa sokantnim simbolima kao i onim koji dovode do podeljenih misljenja, dakle imena i simbole koji inace unose strah i odbojnost. Sokantno je ovde sredstvo za pokretanje logickih diskusija, dok je obrazovanje i ispitivanje istorije nas krajnji cilj. Kripto-fasizam je pokret podjednako lep ili ruzan u odnosu na onog koji gleda – pokret koji zahteva refleksiju i reflektuje. 

Kripto fasizam nije fasizam

Cilj grupe nikako nije povezan sa bilo kakvim politickim primesama. Kripto-fasizam ne upucuje ni na jednu politicku filozofiju vec podrzava slobodu govora i umetnicko izrazavanje. Kao pokret, kripto-fasizam je jedinstvo omrazenog i casnog u ljudskoj prirodi, proizvodeci efekat koji je estetski zadovoljavajuci, a ostavljajuci time nepripremljene u potrazi za zakljuccima koji dovode do diskusija po pitanju znacajnih ideja. To je pokret koji se hrani svim nijansama sive boje, udaljujuci se od utvrdjenih tendencija crno-belog. Estetski princip kao takav, au courant, to jest simbol je srz Kripto-fasizma. 

Kripto-fasizam ne podrzava mrznju

To je pokret koji podrzava introspekciju, ispitivacki duh, a ne degeneraciju. To je socijalna revolucija koja primorava osobu da preispita samu sebe i svoje poglede, kao i varirajuce stavove koje drugi poseduju. To je socijalna zajednica koja prihvata individue iz svih vera, zemalja i etnickih pozadina. Kripto-fasizam je pokret koji promovise diskusiju koja se ne usteze od teskih pitanja. Trazi odgovore tamo gde oni nisu lako dostupni, i gde najcesce putevi vode u slepu ulicu. Kripto-fasizam pretvara levo u desno, ispravno u pogresno, a pogresno prepustama onom sto je preostalo.

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Leo Tolstoy Meaninglessness

But five years ago 
something very strange began to happen to me. At first I began having moments of bewilderment, when my life would come to a halt, as if I did not know how to live or what to do; I would lose my presence of mind and fall into a state of depression. But this passed, and I continued to live as before. Then the moments of bewilderment recurred more frequently, and they always took the same form. Whenever my life came to a halt, the questions would arise: Why? And what next?

At first I thought these were pointless and irrelevant questions. I thought that the answers to them were well known and that if I should ever want to resolve them, it would not be too hard for me; it was just that I could not be bothered with it now, but if I should take it upon myself, then I would find the answers. But the questions began to come up more and more frequently, and their demands to be answered became more and more urgent …

The questions seemed to be such foolish, simple, childish questions. But as soon as I laid my hands on them and tried to resolve them, I was immediately convinced, first of all, that they were not childish and foolish questions but the most vital and profound questions in life, and, secondly, that no matter how much I pondered them there was no way I could resolve them. Before I could be occupied with my Samara estate, with the education of my son, or with the writing of books, I had to know why I was doing these things. As long as I do not know the reason why, I cannot do anything. In the middle of my concern with the household, which at the time kept me quite busy, a questions would suddenly come into my head: “Very well, you will have 16,200 acres in the Samara province, as well as 300 horses; what then?” And I was completely taken aback and did not know what else to think. As soon as I started to think about the education of my children, I would ask myself, “Why?” Or I would reflect on how the people might attain prosperity, and I would suddenly ask myself, “What concern is it of mine?” Or in the middle of thinking about the fame that my works were bringing me I would say to myself, “Very well, you will be more famous than Gogol, Pushkin, Shakespeare, Moliere, more famous than all the writers in the world - so what?
And I could find absolutely no reply.

My life came to a stop. I could breathe, eat, drink, and sleep; indeed, I could not help but breathe, eat, drink, and sleep. But there was no life in me because I had no desires whose satisfaction I would have found reasonable. If I wanted something, I knew beforehand that it did not matter whether or not I got it.
If a fairy had come and offered to fulfill my every wish, I would not have known what to wish for. If in moments of intoxication I should have not desires but the habits of old desires, in moments of sobriety I knew that it was all a delusion, that I really desired nothing. I did not even want to discover truth anymore because I had guessed what it was. The truth was that life is meaningless …

The only thing that amazed me was how I had failed to realize this in the very beginning. All this had been common knowledge for so long. If not today, then tomorrow sickness and death will come (indeed, they were already approaching) to everyone, to me, and nothing will remain except the stench and the worms. My deeds, whatever they may be, will be forgotten sooner or later, and I myself will be no more. Why, then, do anything? How can anyone fail to see this and live? That’s what is amazing! It is possible to live only as long as life intoxicates us; once we are sober we cannot help seeing that it is all a delusion, a stupid delusion! Nor is there anything funny or witty about it; it is only cruel and stupid.


In the early 1960s, Maila Nurmi opened Vampira’s Attic, an antiques boutique on Melrose Avenue. She also sold handmade jewelry and clothing.


In the early 1960s, Maila Nurmi opened Vampira’s Attic, an antiques boutique on Melrose Avenue. She also sold handmade jewelry and clothing.